Monday, March 17, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixies: Cosmo, Lux, and Vega Swatches and Review

Hi darlings!  I know you've probably seen these all over the blog-o-sphere already but today I'm going to share my swatches and opinions of the new Zoya Magical Pixie collection.

I will say up front that when I looked at most other swatches of these and read reviews I was expecting them to be super chunky, which I was prepared to hate. BUT, when I got them myself and tried them out I was so pleasantly surprised! I did not have any issues at all with the large glitters laying flat. If I had any that I thought looked like the might want to stick up I just patted the nail with a clean finger (very lightly) as it was in the drying process. I did a full mani with Lux and wore it to work (I'm a hair stylist), and I didn't have any issues with it getting caught in clients hair when shampooing or blow drying, which is a great test for me because if I have anything sticking up on my nails at work I notice hair getting caught right away. One of the other reviews I read stated that these are only good to wear for one night, and I have to respectfully disagree with that.

Now, on to the swatches!

Zoya Cosmo - silver textured polish with lots of holographic glitter. 2 coats, no base or top coat. These are all super sparkly, which is right up my alley. Holographic glitters always make me happy. They're so sparkly that its impossible to get a photo that really conveys the gorgeousness of them, so I had to take a video for you! ( I always forget that I should change the orientation of my phone when I take these videos, so I'm sorry that its vertical! >.<)

Aren't those sparkles fantastic? I hope you can see them ok! (Mental note to improve my video taking skills.)

Zoya Lux - a pale pink textured polish with holographic glitter. 2 coats, no base or top coat. This one was my favorite of the bunch. I loved how it looked with my skin tone, and it had lots of bling factor. This will definitely be reached for many more times.

Zoya Vega - a light blue textured polish with holographic glitter. 2 coats, no base or top coat. There were no formula issues at all with this but personally this was my least favorite from the collection. I think it seems to me that it has a slightly different finish than the other two, the blue base is almost frosty and I just don't care for that. Like I said though, this is purely personal taste, and its still a lovely polish.

So which one do you like best?

Zoya Magical Pixie polishes can be purchased from for $10 each.


  1. I have been hesitant to try these but based on your review I certainly have put them on my wish list now!

    1. I hope you love them as much as I do! :)

  2. I just recievet a turquoise and pink from Magnetic Nail Design that looks very much like therse with lots of sparkles and holo glitter!! But if I see this Zoya someday at a good price I know I will need to buy them also :p (I cant se a video? Im reading from an iPhone)

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the video not working! It should be fixed now. :)


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