Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jagged Rainbow Gradient with Born Pretty Nail Art Brush

Hey there!  Welcome back to stripe week!  Today I want to show you a mani which is a bit different.  I got this gradient effect by making uneven stripes with a small nail art brush, as is explained in this tutorial from Nailed It.  I used one of my new nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store.

The nail art brushes I got come in a set of four for $3.51.  I'm quite happy with the sizes of them... I only had a few brushes that I use for nail art so far, and they are really just paint brushes.  Here they are below so you can see the sizes of them...

On the left is a medium length striping brush, for reference.  The middle two are the smallest paint brushes I could find when I looked at some craft stores.  The one on the right used to be the same size as the others, but I cut it down a bit for detailing.  Now have a look at them all next to each other.

The smaller ones are a bit larger than the brush I cut down, but the bristles are a little longer.  The larger ones are around the same size as the ones I already had, maybe a teeny bit larger.  The quality seems quite good, I haven't noticed any shedding during use and they are easy to control.

I started off with a base of one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore for this mani.  On my thumb I made two or three small stripes of each color from the Color Club Take Wing collection (see swatches here).  On the rest of my nails I made the rainbow stretch across all of them, so I made 4-5 stripes of each color, and over lapped some to blend everything in.

Again, The CrumpetManicurity, and PishPosh and Polish are also doing stripe week on their blogs, so stop in and see what they've come up with today!  Also, don't forget that you can use my coupon code on the Born Pretty Store to save some money on your order!

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  1. This mani is super gorgeous!!!
    And I liked your over all review!

  2. I'll have to try this! I really like the color combo.

  3. I love this! Haven't seen a design like this before but it's stunning. How do you clean your brushes?

    1. Thanks Laura! To clean my brushes I just dip them in some acetone and swish it around a bit, then wipe on a paper towel. I can't say if that is the best method, but its what I do! :)

  4. WHOA that is stunningly gorgeous. OMG I love it. I need that collection so I can do this mani!

  5. Oh those are gorgeous! Love! Now I can't wait for my brushes to arrive...

  6. That is cool! I love the rainbow sparkly effect!


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