Thursday, February 27, 2014

Superficially Colorful Lacquer Remnants of Winter Collection

Hi guys!!  So I'm sure you know that I've posted a few times about my friend Jin from Superficially Colorful and how she makes amazing thermal polishes... Well the time has come my friends! She is officially opening shop so everyone can get their hands on these puppies. She is planning on opening her store on March 3rd, so get ready!

These are swatches of her first non-thermal collection, Remnants of Winter. This collection consists of 5 polishes which are all a sort of metallic finish with a touch of scattered holographic micro-glitter. As with all metallics, they require a bit of careful application to avoid brush strokes. They dry slightly gritty due to the glitter bits and look best with top coat. Although I will say they dried smoother than I expected!

All polishes are shown with two coats of polish and one coat of top coat.

Eye Of The Storm - "A very dark and cold blue metallic inspired by the crazy storms this weird winter gave us. Heavy clouds, unquiet sky and wild lightening storms."

This was one of my favorites... its one of those glowing blues. Very pretty.

Cape Cliffs - "Dark forest green inspired by the cliffs by the sea all covered by moss and sea weed after the rough seas of winter."

This was another of my favorites. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous green!!

Mud Slide - "This polish was an important part of the collection before I even had a name for it. A deep dark golden brown, inspired by the look of the roads in the winter.  This is the color of the earth under the snow, the unpaved road washed by the rivers that went too high. This is the color of my winter."

Again, one of my favorites. (I promise not to say this about all of them! Haha.) This one is really unique though, I don't think I have any colors like this in my collection.  It looked like molten metal on my finger tips.

Seconds Before Dark - "The weird weather of winter causes all sorts of colors in the sky at sun set.  But just before the sun is gone, a deep crimson red is in control. This very dark red polish is inspired by that image. "

A lovely burgundy metallic, and the holo glitters really add some flair to it.

Turbulence - "A dark violet-pink with a hint of color shift of blue, red and gold. Not a multi-chrome, just a undecided color that changes by the light. Inspired by the unquiet air, the far lightening storms, the clouds colliding and leaving."

This one was the one that most wanted to show brush strokes when I used it, so it may be best to sponge on your second coat if that will drive you bonkers. Another very unique color though.

Again, these polishes, plus Jin's thermal polishes, will all be available for purchase through on March 3rd. They will be $9 per 12 ml/0.4 fl oz bottle.

Are any of these going on your wishlist? Which are your favorites?


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! I love each and every one of them!!!
    Thank you so much for the review and I will try to put some more work into the Turbulence's brush strokes part if I can! ♥


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