Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Simply Quick Top Coat and Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil

Hi again beauties!  Today I want to share a review for a couple products I've had the chance to try out for the last month or so... a new quick dry top coat, and a lovely cuticle oil.


When I heard that Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips was going to be coming out with a quick dry top coat, I jumped on the chance to try it out.  Confession time... I am a top coat junkie!!  I have tried soooo many different top coats trying to find my HG.  My problem is that in working with my hands at the salon, they are always in and out of water.  It just isn't practical or realistic for me to wear gloves all the time.  My polish just doesn't last more than a day or two without chips.  I keep hoping that one day I will find the miracle top coat that will solve my chipping problem, so I love to try new ones.

This top coat is called Simply Quick Top Coat.  It is 3-free, and is selling for $4.99 on Ana's sister site, Nail Care HQ.  (This product only ships within the US.)  I've done some photos to show you guys how this top coat compares to others I have in shine and smoothing.  I've started off with a full mani of OPI The Impossible, which is a liquid sand.  I thought this would give you a good idea of how they all compare on a hungry glitter.

Above is The Impossible without top coat.  Perfectly gritty!  (And beautiful, can I just say I didn't know this had holo micro glitter in it and I love it!)

In the next photo I have added different top coats.  Its hard to tell much of a difference in this shot, but hopefully the macros down a bit farther will give you a better look.  In the following photo I have Simply Quick on my index finger, Seche Vite on my middle finger, Essie Good to Go (not a fresh bottle, used about half way and is thickened up a bit) on my ring finger, and Dior Gel Coat on my pinkie.

Here you have a little collage I made of macro shots of each finger.  (Sorry for the randomness of the color, I wasn't to worried about color accuracy for these pictures.)

My thoughts were this:  Simply Quick and Seche provided about the same amount of smoothing, which was more smooth that I expected.  I would say these were 85% smooth.  My thickened Good to Go and the Dior Gel Coat were about the same, they were both very smooth.  These nails were 95% smooth. Out the Door didn't smooth much at all, and you can clearly see it was still bumpy and gritty.

Simply Quick has good dry time, about the same as Seche or Good to Go.  I did experience any smearing or streaking when I used it over my nail art.  As far as chipping, I still can't say that I've found my solution unfortunately.  I got my regular chips after a day or two.  Like I said earlier though, I am really tough on my hands, and nothing seems to work for me, so don't discount this because of my experience.

Now, moving on to the Pure Nail Oil...

Here is a shot of my naked nails just after polish removal.  You can see the dryness around my cuticles, especially on my ring finger and thumb.

After applying the oil liberally to my nail and cuticles, and letting it sit for 5 minutes or so, I rubbed it in.  Here is what my nails looked like then...

Much better!  I really like this oil because it absorbs quickly and makes my cuticles feel moisturized but not greasy.  I also really like the applicator, which is one of those twisty clicking pens.  I am always paranoid about carry oil in my purse, and these are perfect for that.  The pen I was sent is the Crisp scent, which is really nice.  I'm rubbish with pinpointing scents, but this smells sort of fruity to me, with some floral undertones.  Its nice and fresh.  There are seasonal scents to try as well, in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

The ingredients in this oil are jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, essential oil blend, vitamin A, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.  Ana has a page HERE when you can read a ton more about this oil and why it is great for your nails.

Ana sells one pen for $10 in her shop, or you can buy 3 for $22.  She also sells a refill kit for $22 so you don't have to waste the packaging and chuck the pens when they're empty.  Visit Nail Care HQ to buy.


  1. This is such a helpful review! I LOVE that you compared other quick dry top coats. That's so helpful!

    Have you tried my Top Coat Nail Wrap Technique? For me it makes a night and day difference in chipping if my hands are in water. Here's the instructions

    Let me know if it works for you! Huggs.... ~Ana

  2. Came to read the review after finding articles on Ana's website having never read her site posts before. So informative and enlightening. Looking forward to trying her products!


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