Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Color Changing Polish!

Hi there guys!  Today I've got a very picture heavy post for you... I just had to show you this amazing polish I got in the mail yesterday.  Unfortunately, it isn't for sale anywhere.  My friend Jin, of Superficially Colorful, made this beautiful thing!  This polish is called Fascinated by Superficially Colorful Lacquer.  It is a color changing polish, which changes with heat and cold, and it is matte!  The above photo shows how it looks with my natural body heat.

It is this gorgeous shimmery matte purple color when it is cool, and in the bottle.  There are blue and pink shimmers.

In these photos you can see it beginning to change back to the blue.

The periwinkle blue is the color that it turns when it is fully warmed, either from body heat or running warm water over your nails.

And then of course I had to add top coat!

The shimmer in this really came alive with top coat.  I am in love with this polish!

Here is it changed back to blue with top coat.  I love the way it looks like the smoothest gradient!  I think if your nails are shorter color changing polishes may not be as fun, because when you are warm they would just be one color... but I suppose if you live somewhere cold like me you could just admire the other color when you are outside! :)

Is this swoon-worthy or what?!

Then I tested out my new XL stamper, which the lovely Jin also gifted me.  My stamping wasn't perfect this time, but it sure was a lot easier to the design to transfer to the edges of my extremely curved nails with the XL stamper.  The pattern I used is from Gals plate GA5, and I stamped with MASH Nail Art Polish in White.

So, I'm sorry for the tons of pic spam, but I needed to show you this polish in all its different states!  Also, I'm so sorry for teasing you with a polish that isn't available to the public, but I needed to share the gorgeousness of this!!  What do you think of this color?  Do you have any color changing polishes in your collection?


  1. OMG!! Thank you so much!! This is sooooooo pretty on you!! I think I am just about to burst from the way my baby behaves LOL
    Gorgeous mani if I may say so!!! ;-)

  2. wow that is gorgeous :). Kayla - it says above it's not for sale x

  3. DIE! That is the coolest color changing polish I've seen to date.

  4. Gorgeous polish. Too bad it's not for sale, but how nice that you posted the lovely pics! So pretty...Drool.


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