Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Nail Art with Born Pretty Store Swarovski Crystals

Hi there!  Since it is the beginning of February I've got some Valentine's Day nail art for you guys.  I have recently received some red Swarovski crystals from the Born Pretty Store, so I am going to show you those.

The crystals come in a set of 144 pieces for $7.27.  When they arrived to me they were packaged in a small plastic baggie, which is less than convenient for use, so I poured them into an empty spot in another rhinestone wheel I have.  I think it would be better if they came packaged in some kind of small pot though.

The quality of these rhinestones is definitely very nice.  They have more sparkle than regular nail art stones.  The size I got is SS5 which is 1.8mm.  I think this size was great, if they were any larger I would have a hard time making a design on my nail with them.  The larger sizes would be better if you were only adding a few gems per nail.

I started this mani off with two coats of Make Up Store Kaja, a cornflower blue scattered holo.  Mr. Sparkles picked this up for me on his last business trip, and it is a gorgeous color.  It is not a very strong holo effect, but the base color is really pretty.

After applying the second coat of Kaja, I stuck the stones onto that while it was still tacky.  In these photos I did not have top coat.  I did end up adding some after I took the pictures, but it dulled the sparkle of the gems so I would not recommend using it if you can avoid it.

If you are interested in purchasing these or anything else from the Born Pretty Store, I have a 10% off code to share with you guys!  The photo below is a link to the store, so you can click it to be directed there.

Image Map

*Some of these products were provided to me for review.*


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