Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ciaté Cabaret with Copper Sunbursts

Hey guys!  I've been playing around with my new XL stamper that my friend Jin from Superficially Colorful sent me... stamping is so much easier for me now that I have it!  I'm thrilled.  If you have a stronger curve to your nail this stamper is much squishier and allows the design to transfer to the edges of the nail more easily.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these, they are available through Ninja Polish... they are currently out of stock but Rhonni is hoping to have them available by early March.  Anyway, this is just a quick mani that I came up with while testing the stamper.

My base color for this is two coats of Ciaté Cabaret.  When I saw this one in the advent calendar it wasn't an instant favorite, which is probably why it was still in my untried pile.  BUT, once I put it on my nails I really liked it!  I must say, I am super impressed with the quality of all the Ciaté polishes I have tried from the advent calendar.  That definitely won me over to the brand.

I stamped with CND Copper Chrome, and the Gals plates GA35 and GA37 from their Fairy set.

Do you have any Ciaté polishes?  Which colors are your favorite?  I've actually just purchased the Ciaté White Chocolate Nourishing & Gentle Nail Polish Remover (what a mouthful that name is!) so I will have to let you guys know how that works for me once I try it.


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